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Yesterday I had to purchase a new mobile and of course, today, I can't work my STP verification app. I set this up when STP first came in and now I can't remember where to go to get the QR Code to scan. My app is asking me to set up my first account. I have 5 clients for whom I do payroll and I have a feeling that I haven't uploaded the past two weeks to STP. Holidays and all that! So could I please have some helpful advise to get my app working. Cheers, Cheryl @ Burdekin Book-Keeping Services, Ayr. NQ,


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,230 Community Manager

    Hi @Cheryl Medley

    Which authenticator app are you using? Google Authenticator? Do you still have access to the current (old) authenticator app?

    If so, you need to remove the existing authentication and then you'll be able to set it up on the new phone you have. I'll link a help guide below which outlines how to do that -

  • Cheryl MedleyCheryl Medley Member Posts: 33

    Thank you, Rav. Yes. I believe its the Google Authenticator. And no. I can't access the original one as that phone has locked itself never to be spoken to again! Hence the new one but I have kept the same number. Will that make a difference? I see there is a recovery pin, so I'll go looking for that...... I will follow your instructions as above and fingers crossed it will work. It will probably be next week as I am away from shortly until Monday afternoon. If I don't have luck with that, I'll talk to you again. Cheers, Cheryl.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,230 Community Manager

    No problems, let me know how you get on.

    If you don't have any joy our support team can organise the removal of the existing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on our end. You'll just need to go through a quick security check with the team first.

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