Invoice Logo Quality

grapeman Member Posts: 2

I have recently started using Reckon One to test the waters, and today I've created my first invoices to send to customers. The quality of the logos is pretty awful. Whether for email or print, the letters and logo are blurry and look very unprofessional.

I was wondering if I'm missing something or if this is Reckon standard. I found a closed thread where this same question was posed but there seemed to be no solution offered. Should I assume that Reckon are not considering this as an issue? It would be good to know before I put too much effort transferring data across to Reckon platform.

Logo graphic quality is such a basic feature, but it makes a lot of difference to the look of an invoice and the perception of the sender of the invoice. I can't send this to my customers—they'd assume I was shonky salesman with an old XP box.