Business changed from GST to Withholding - how to do this in app?

I only pay a couple of staff and used to use a GST. After a business break we're back but are now using the Withholding tax option instead.

I pulled up my old Reckon app and all the company details are linked to my ABN.

How do I cancel this and start afresh?


  • Deepak Gyawali
    Deepak Gyawali Reckon Staff Posts: 62 Reckon Staff

    Hi roberta_whittaker,

    This software is to withhold the PAYG and report to ATO, Please talk to your accountant if anything is required for you to complete per your accounting needs?

    Kind regards,

    Deepak Gyawali

  • roberta_whittaker
    roberta_whittaker Member Posts: 2

    Yes, but I’m no longer operating with a GST and I can’t see how to use the app without a GST