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Error IITR30078 & IITR30080

MoniqueMonique Member Posts: 2

Hi I cannot get rid of the error related to the ETP it is stating the Tax withheld is incorrect and also the taxable component is incorrect. Has anyone come across this problem recently.

I have tried putting zero's in the empty boxes, I also had to change the code to 'R' as when it imported it came up with code 'M'


  • PhilRatPhilRat Member Posts: 1

    I got the same error today with the pre lodge report stating

    Error - Employment termination payment tax withheld amount is incorrect (CMN.ATO.IITR.730078)

    Error - Employment termination payment taxable component is incorrect (CMN.ATO.IITR.730080)

    These are clearly labelled in the ATO pre-fill report as an ETP Label 4 & Type R.

  • MoniqueMonique Member Posts: 2

    Hi PhilRat apparently it is a problem with the software and Reckon Elite is doing a fix it for the problem

    What you need to do until the update comes out is open Item 4 put a M in for multiple then click next to open the work sheet and then fill it in with the redundancy code and the errors go away.

    Reckon Elite were quick to assist me when I had sent them an email on this.

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