Display Name and Name fields

QuiltyM Member Posts: 1

I use the Products & Services template for all of my invoicing. The majority of my invoicing is to individuals as I am an ebay seller. Since the last update, when I add a new invoice (to a new customer), if I do not add the 'customer name' as well as the 'display name' there is no name printed, just an address. Occasionally I send to someone at a company, I would like to have both, but only what is entered in the 'customer name' field prints. For example, I want to send to Joe Blogs at John Brown Co, at 1 Nowhere Blvd, Homestown. If I have Joe Blogs in the display name field, then John Brown Co in the Customer Name field, what prints is:

John Brown Co

1 Nowhere Blvd


So poor Joe Blogs doesn't get his parcel because nobody in the company can see who it's meant for. So now I have to type the Display Name into the Customer Name as well. Very irritating when you have a number of invoices to do every day, especially when creating the invoice it automatically defaults to the 'display name' field - which doesn't DISPLAY on the invoice - makes no sense to me.

Recently I had to ship to someone who worked at a company & had a long address with a building name, Level in the building, street address etc. This was really annoying as I had to add the company name into the address field, making it tricky to have the rest of it placed in such a way to make sense to the postie.