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Exporting Raw data from Payroll Premier

LmindLmind Member Posts: 1

Hi all,

I'm working with a client who uses payroll premier and I have been tasked with some quick questions in regards to it.

The main question is there a way to export the raw data out of the software?

I've read through the user guide and I've noted that you can export the data as a report but we need to get all the raw data out not as a report.

If it is possible to export the raw data, what are the supported file formats?

If it's not possible what are supported file formats for exporting via reports? I think the guide states that you select "other" when exporting and you can put anything.

The database behind the software is Sybase portable SQL, is that correct?

Is it possible to see/know the data/table model behind the payroll data? and is it possible to know who the database is structured?

Thank for any help!

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