Inactive employee preventing finishing pay run

Andrew_10255081 Member Posts: 1

I have had to undo several pay runs to fix some errors (with a Casual Loading pay item not being set up for Super correctly) but now when I try to save them its tells me that the pay run can't be finished due to at least one inactive employee. Yes there was one who finished a few weeks ago and they are included in the pay runs. However I tried to reactivate them by deleting termination date or "rehiring" them by adding a start date the day after it made no difference. If I create a dummy pay run for a date after the original termination (with them "rehired" the day after termination) I can finish it . However if I create a new pay run before the orignal termination date (which had been deleted) then it's an error.

I have deleted the inactive employee from the original pay runs and created separate pay runs for them which still won't finish. The original pay runs now will finish thankfully for the remaining employees. Their pay runs and super all now correct and latest upload to Gov Connect detail shows correct totals.

Fortunately none of the errors applied to the terminated employee.

Now, messily, my Pay Runs have three new drafts in them for the terminated employee that won't finish. The consolation is I guess (by design?) that the data already uploaded to Gov Connect for the terminated employee is correct.