RAH and 3rd party apps like Hubdoc and AutoEntry

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RAH users like me are just so frustrated with Reckons inability to sync with 3rd party apps like Hubdoc and AutoEntry. On the community page someone mentioned they use AutoEntry... hope at last I thought! So I signed up for a free trial today only to find it only syncs with Reckon One. It use to sync with RAH but here is what AutoEntry replied:

"...but the program (RAH) is so complex to integrate with and not as straightforward as say QBO, Xero etc it was not worth our developers time in fixing constant bugs

This was the communication sent out to customers

I wanted to let you know, after much consideration, AutoEntry has come to the decision to no longer support bug fixes and future improvements for the Reckon Accounts Hosted integration.

If you are a current customer of the integration, and have faced no issues, we will continue to keep the integration live until 30th September 2020.

I believe Reckon was in talks with other data extraction tools so it would be best to speak to your Account Manager over at Reckon to see if there are any other apps on offer as we will not be re instating the integration at any stage"

Several of my clients are are changing or have changed to Xero with Hubdoc. I have found this combination to be smooth and quick. Also you can use smartphone scanning technology to auto upload receipts and bills.

Although RAH was once a leader it is now considered somewhat of a dinosaur when it comes to being user friendly.

When is RAH going to move into the 21 Century so users can use this technology?