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Change to new app

KerrieKerrie Member Posts: 11

I successfully transferred my STP info over to the new app after doing our workers pay last week. So I thought I would just be able to continue on this week in new app. But is it correct that I have to add my employee in again? I don't particularly want to enter his email address in as I want to continue giving him his pay slips but as when you edit for new employee it has an asterixis by it looking like it is a required field. I just want to put same basic info in as I have been doing. ie gross, tax, super.

As I was then unprepared I went back to STP app and entered in this weeks pay in it, so now I am gathering this will not roll over into the new app as I have already rolled it over. I thought I was going to have great success with this but may have made it hard for myself now. We only have one employee and wont want to pay for the new app just continue using the free version which I have had great success and support with.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    Hi Kerrie,

    I can definitely understand that it'll be a slight adjustment with making the change over. Because the Payroll App actually performs payroll functions which the free STP app does not, there is a requirement for a little bit of additional info for employees eg. email address as you've mentioned. In saying that, you won't need to deviate from how you're currently reporting your STP, we just need to meet the minimum requirements for employee info.

    I'd strongly recommend that you don't switch between the apps but rather stick with the Payroll App now that you've made the switch. To incorporate the balances in the Payroll App that you've just sent through via the STP app, you can edit your employee's balances in the Payroll App.

  • KerrieKerrie Member Posts: 11

    Thanks heaps for getting back so quick.

    I have just done this and for some reason any info I put into my employees section wont save i.e. pay frequency, hours he works and type of employment i.e. full time. It also will not save the figures in YTD that I am trying to adjust. It allows me to do it but when I press save it wont stay saved. Not sure why this is happening. I really want to start the new financial year off with the new app as I don't want to have to go looking for another programme as I feel this works well for me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    Hmmm ok that sounds strange. Is this happening to ALL MIGRATED employees that you're trying to add/change information for OR just a particular one?

  • KerrieKerrie Member Posts: 11

    I only have one employee, it transferred him over but when I click his name to do a new pay it won't let me I have to edit his details, do you think because I have to put in his info first this is happening but then as I said it won't save.

    Do I have to add him again in new pay roll app even though his name is in system and pay summary for last year and this year is also there but again I need to adjust summary because of going back into old app.

    Sorry hope this is clear.

  • KerrieKerrie Member Posts: 11

    Further to previous comment I'll let you know what happens in steps.

    Click first pay run

    Click select employees

    Our worker not under employee list even though he is there in another section.

    Do I need to press create first employee? Hesitant to do this as he is in system already and don't want him in there twice, or do you think if I edit details fully he will then appear in employee list ?

    And again I'll need to make sure saves properly


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    Hi Kerrie,

    I'd avoid adding the same employee again just yet because I think that'll cause issues further down the line.

    When its asking you to enter the additional details which you're then trying to save. Can you let me know which fields specifically you're entering data into and then its not retaining that info. If you could shoot me a Private Message with some screenshots that would be awesome too.

  • KerrieKerrie Member Posts: 11

    Okay thanks glad I'm not added him again yet.

    I'll go in and edit his details and see if starting at the beginning again and completing each section will help.

    If I have issues yes will private message you but don't know how to do this ? Can you tell me plz

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    Yes no problem at all. Just click my name and a little card will appear which will have the 'Message' button. Just click that and it'll open the Private Message screen with me (example below).

  • KerrieKerrie Member Posts: 11

    Thanks heaps. Will be good to know in future.

    I have good news. I have edited all my employees (1) from the start and put in all details and waaalaaa it saved it all even the ytd figure I had to adjust.

    So I'm hoping that next week when I do pay that it will be straight forward like the old app.

    As I have said was a bit hesitant having to put in his details but I'm sure this is all okay. My concern now is that after the 3rd free pay run that I won't have an issue continuing with the free version.

    Thank you so much with your support once again 🤗

  • redmanredman Member Posts: 1

    I have this same issue. So frustrating as it wont let me complete a pay run untill the info is entered but then it wont save the info I enter... grrrr.......

  • KerrieKerrie Member Posts: 11

    I'm yet to do a pay run, but once I entered everything it was asking from the beginning it saved all the info so hopefully I won't have issues this week when I do our workers pay.

  • JulieJulie Member Posts: 11

    Help! I have just downloaded the new app and it wants me to add info for the employees but then won't save and allow me to then do payrun.

    Please help!

  • KerrieKerrie Member Posts: 11

    I had the same issue but discovered that it wouldn't save until I saved each section from the beginning. I tried to add bits and pieces of info in the parts I knew but it wouldn't save so went back to the start and completed each section fully which then allowed me to save it completely. Also each section has the save option up in top right hand corner from memory. So save each page. Hopefully it wasn't just a fluke.

    Good luck 😊

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