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Reckon basic edit paygw

ayanswayansw Member Posts: 3

How do you edit the paygw if the employee wishes to increase the withholding amount?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,599 Community Manager


    This discussion has been created in the free STP app category. Can I confirm that you're using the STP app OR have you moved over to the Payroll App?

  • ayanswayansw Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Rav,

    I have moved over to the payroll app, and opted for Basic. It has correctly migrated my ytd gross and tax but when I want to create a new pay run I cannot edit the paygw to an amount more than the weekly tax table.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,599 Community Manager

    Cool thanks for confirming @ayansw

    At this stage editing/overriding the tax amount is not available in the Payroll App. However, I have been advised by my development team that this will be available via an update before EOFY.

  • ayanswayansw Member Posts: 3

    Many thanks for that Rav,

    I wonder if the overriding also be available for the gross wages? as some employees are salaried and not on hourly rate.

    We will wait and see, thanks again

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