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I have the free app on iPad and have a pay run from March 2021 that is still pending. All the other pay runs for the current financial year have been approved. I’m not sure what to do about it. Whether to re submit it or just leave it. I’m concerned that it will mean that my end of year totals won’t add up.

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  • swakhlu01 .swakhlu01 . Member Posts: 27
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    Hi Raelene- as a user of STP (if that is the fee App you are using), my suggestion is to first either check the STP reporting function in the ATO Portal for your business and verify whether the March 2021 payrun has gone through. Alternatively, let the employee run a Tax Report for the current year from the ATO website (through MyGov) and check if YTD totals are what these should be. If the issue is only with the sTP status then you may have to ignore it until the last payrun before current EOFY but readjust figures if necessary when you send the EOFY report to ATO for the employee. I am sure Reckon support may have a better suggestion if the March payrun has not gone through. Usually a pay run adjustment event is needed but I am not very sure of what figures you will use.

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