Manual bank transaction import in Reckon One not working

rachl2 Member Posts: 1

I'm having major issues with the manual bank import function in Reckon One. If I try to upload a CSV file it shows a preview of the transactions in the screen where you select the file, but when I click 'Import the File' and it goes back to Transactions and says 'There's nothing here yet...' even though the upload says it's completed at the top of the screen. I've tried leaving it for a while and coming back and still nothing. If I import a QIF file it pulls through the transactions straight away, but with only date and description but no debit or credit amount, which isn't very helpful. I've had this issue in the past and it usually seems to randomly work with a CSV after a few tries, but not this time. I've tried many times with different files in Safari and Chrome and it just isn't working. Has anyone had this problem or found a reliable solution? At this point I'm thinking of ditching the software because it's such a waste of time trying to import transactions. We don't have a huge volume of transactions or need it updated very regularly so I don't want to pay the extra for bank feeds either.