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Payroll App - Free Basic plan AVAILABLE NOW!

RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,798 Community Manager
edited June 2021 in Reckon Payroll App

The FREE Basic plan for the Payroll App is NOW available!

We're super excited to announce that the Reckon Payroll App FREE basic plan is now available to download.

The new basic plan on the Payroll App replaces the Reckon STP App that will be retired from 1 July 2021. Migrate now and enjoy everything you love about the STP App & new features to help you process payroll and manage employees!

To migrate simply download the Reckon Payroll App and sign in with your existing STP App login credentials. You'll be able to migrate your existing data to the Payroll App directly from there.

For more information check out our FAQ Guide & Migration Help Guide



  • marshladmarshlad Member Posts: 8

    I am wanting to put a set amount for super guarantee on a quarterly pay run and I can’t work out how to do …. Any ideas how to this …. Was able to do it in previous app

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,798 Community Manager

    @marshlad @huntstl

    The ability to manually enter a tax amount will be coming to the Payroll App via an update and is currently scheduled for before EOFY.

    Superannuation can already be customised; A custom % rate can be set for super guarantee, and salary sacrifice can be set to any amount.

    The requirements on pay runs, what they are made up of, and additional information is going to be expanded and in some ways, tightened with the ATO's soon to be implemented expansion of Single Touch Payroll phase 2.

    There's more information on this below which might be worth checking out -

  • marshladmarshlad Member Posts: 8

    Hey Rav what I want to do is input a fixed $$$ amount of Super guarantee for a set pay period of quarterly....... I have worked out how to input the "wage" but cant input the $$$ for the super.... could do it easily in old app..... thanks for above though but doesnt answer easily for an oldie who isnt tech savvy

  • ToniPToniP Member Posts: 1

    Hey Rav I have changed my employee's status to casual and it still requires me to put in $p/h and that doesn't work for one of my employees who gets paid $3200 - which doesn't work down to an even p/h figure.

    How do I get around or fix the problem - I have just come across from the previous Reckon STP which was so much easier.

    Thanks Toni

  • marshladmarshlad Member Posts: 8

    Hey ToniP I saw somewhere … you can go into settings and set a “name” for payments that you can just input a set amount…..

  • frankfrank Member Posts: 25

    ToniP: Just use Bonus as the payment and you can put in the $3200. - no $/hr

  • deanneadeannea Member Posts: 6

    Thanks Frank, you’re a lifesaver! I was having the same problem as ToniP and was going nuts trying to work out how to manually enter my own gross and tax amounts.

    Can anyone tell me if I can enter my own $ amount for super rather than using a %, and how please?

  • marshladmarshlad Member Posts: 8

    Deannea ....... if you go into settings ... Manage earnings and leave items... there is a plus sign top right corner.... you can then set the 'name" of the payment...... eg I needed a quarterly payment so I set that name under Other Earning Items....... just another suggestion

  • marshladmarshlad Member Posts: 8
    edited June 2021

    Rav... the app does not allow you to set your own Super Guarantee as it states.... "Super Guarantee.... Calculates when $450 monthly threshold reached".... thus cannot input elective amount as per old app....... I only pay 1 employee quarterly with a set "wage" and a set super guarantee......and suggestions as to how I can do this

  • Pam BrazierPam Brazier Member Posts: 15

    I need to be able to pay super on every dollar earned for a casual employee and not just when earnings are more than $450 for the month. How do I do this?

  • marshladmarshlad Member Posts: 8

    Hi quyen I am also hoping those features are available soon as was so much easier than “new” app

  • ACreteACrete Member Posts: 8

    Anyone know how I can enter a payrun for a gross salary amount without entering in hours worked in the week? Just a salary payment with PAYG……

  • ACreteACrete Member Posts: 8

    I’ve seen people write same thing I thought was a work around by entering a gross salary payment under ‘other payment item’ - bonus BUT have seen on other community forums that if the PAYG isn’t ticked, it wont be reported to the ATO properly and the amount wont be added to the employees YTD.

    Reckon might want to start responding to people posting about this…

  • DRussellDRussell Member Posts: 11

    @ACrete hi, I've just done this successfully - I have a lump sum figure as the weekly wage - varies each week depending on invoices submitted. From Settings Manage earning & leave items + created my own to suit " Weekly Wage". Entered the weekly figure as a whole number and hours as 1. The tax rate and super auto populated and all calculated correctly. Hope this helps?

  • ACreteACrete Member Posts: 8

    Thank you, this works perfectly & I don’t have to mess around with hours etc!

  • Barbara Allen-GuthrieBarbara Allen-Guthrie Member Posts: 54

    Hi can anyone tell me how to stop notifications for this post, I have no idea how I got into it and keep getting emails about ti?

  • marshladmarshlad Member Posts: 8

    I am not sure but if you go to the profile pic at top right of this page I think you can sign out …..

  • Barbara Allen-GuthrieBarbara Allen-Guthrie Member Posts: 54

    Thanks it is not a matter of signing out, it is a matter of stopping all the email notifications I am getting :-)

  • JulesBousattoutJulesBousattout Member Posts: 6

    Hi Rav,

    You emailed advising manual input of Tax will be working before EOFY.. is that working yet?

    thx Jules

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,798 Community Manager

    @normyzee @ACrete @marshlad & others.

    Its really great to hear that you found a lot of value from the STP app and you were getting what you needed from it. It was a great tool and our first step into the ATO's no cost/low cost micro-business STP initiative. With that said however and as I've alluded to above, with the introduction of the Single Touch Payroll phase 2 coming in January, we would have no longer been able to offer the STP app in its current form as it would no longer meet the compliance requirements of STP phase 2. The additional functionality of the Reckon Payroll App will ensure you can transition to STP Phase 2.

    I appreciate that may mean its a departure from what you're used to in terms of your current STP reporting however we have to ensure we offer a solution that is compliant and I'm confident you'll find that more than reasonable. I can see there have been some suggestions on how to use lump sum balances etc in the Payroll App so that you continue reporting in the same vein as you are now with the STP app. All I can say to that is I'd strongly recommend that you ensure you're creating pay runs accurately and for what they are intended & consist of. There will be greater scrutiny in what makes up gross payments in STP phase 2 as businesses will be required to separately itemise the components which make up gross income including bonuses, directors fees, paid leave, salary sacrifice, overtime and allowances. You may need to speak to your accountant to understand how to setup pay based on your individual business requirements.

    There is more information on Single Touch Payroll phase 2 HERE.

    @Barbara Allen-Guthrie

    You can customise your notification preferences in your profile.


    Check out my new announcement here.

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