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Reckon Free Payroll App

estaples2estaples2 Member Posts: 2


I've just successfully migrated from the Free STP app to the Free Payroll app.

Everything seems to be working correctly, however I am getting a message saying that only the first 3 pay runs are free.

Can you please clarify.

Thank you.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,599 Community Manager

    Hi @estaples2

    Glad to hear you've migrated over successfully to the Payroll App 😊

    The free basic plan has been released for the Payroll App via the latest update (v2.9.33), just download the new update and you'll be able to switch over to it.

  • estaples2estaples2 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks Rav.

    I've downloaded the latest update and then successfully downgraded to the Basic plan.

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