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Grey Screen

pwlittlejohnspwlittlejohns Member Posts: 2

Installed app, logged in. Then get grey screen of death. Has happened 3 times. Tried reinstalling, does work.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,594 Community Manager
    edited June 10

    Are you currently an STP app user? ie. are you attempting to migrate your data over for the first time? If so, can I grab the ABN that you've registered on the STP app.

    Have you previously had an account on the Payroll App at any stage in the past?

    Which version of the app are you using? Android or iOS?

  • pwlittlejohnspwlittlejohns Member Posts: 2

    Have to migrate from reckon STP. Wasted lots of time on this already.


    Abn: 17625811976

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,594 Community Manager

    Download the latest version of the Payroll App, currently v2.9.33

    Once you have that version, login with the same email address and password that you use to login to the free STP app and it should go through normally.

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