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No option to migrate

ssongssong Member Posts: 2


I just downloaded Reckon Payroll. I wasn't given an option to migate data from Reckon STP. I've probably previously logged into Reckon Payroll before and I may have already migrated data this time last year, but I ultimately returned to using Reckon STP.

My ABN is 22621276242.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,597 Community Manager

    Hi @ssong

    I've just had a look and you're exactly right. Your Payroll App account was created last year which is why its not asking you to migrate again this time around.

    Unfortunately, we cannot migrate you a second time so in this instance by recommendation would be to close off the current financial year in the free STP. Then once that is done, start fresh in the Payroll App from the upcoming 2021/22 financial year moving forward.

  • ssongssong Member Posts: 2

    Thank you. That's very helpful.

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