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Unable to save edited employee that has been migrated from STP app

MaisMais Member Posts: 4

I have been using the STP app for two fin years now. I just migrated from the STP app to the payroll app. My employees have come across as "Incomplete". I now have the following issues:

  1. When attempting to enter the birthdate I am unable to enter the birthdate, I have to swipe heaps and heaps to get to the date.
  2. Once I have completed all the mandatory information I am unable to save the details. The app just sits on there and does nothing.
  3. So, I am now unable to complete an STP pay run.

So, I thought I would try the portal ( When I select "Payroll Web" and then "Login Now", I am presented with a screen that just displays "{"message":"Forbidden"}.

Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,598 Community Manager


    When you update the employee info in the Payroll App have you completed ALL mandatory fields prior to saving?

    Can you please close the Payroll App in full ie. swipe it away from your running apps and then reopen it and try again, does it exhibit the same behaviour?

  • MaisMais Member Posts: 4

    Yes, I have completed all mandatory fields, the red dots on the "Personal", "Contact" and "Employment" disappear. I will give that a go and get back to you.

  • MaisMais Member Posts: 4

    Hi, I restarted my phone and re-did the changes and was able to save the changes.

  • MaisMais Member Posts: 4

    Hi, Just a follow-up question. How do we setup of superannuation and super salary sacrifice?

  • jodieborodiejodieborodie Member Posts: 1


    I am having the same issue. I have made all the changes before saving and nothing happens. Also restarted phone and no luck.

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