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Hi I have recently moved from Australia to Norfolk Island (an overseas external territory of Australia). In the process I had to change my mobile number to a local Norfolk Island number and do not have access to my old Australian phone or phone number. I am now unable to login to my Reckon App as it keeps sending my verification code to my old number in Australia that I can’t access and won’t allow me to change my contact details to my new Norfolk Island phone number. I also can’t contact Reckon in Sydney as the 1300 number listed only works within Australia and so does not work outside the country in its external territories and there is no other contact details of email addresses ect listed that I can find online to contact Reckon to update my details so I can get a verification code sent to my new phone here on Norfolk Island.

Can you please help as this is so frustrating, I don’t see why things have to be so difficult and why we need to go through so many hoops such as emails and passwords and verification codes ect just to access our STP App why is it not possible to change our contact details and update our phone numbers online so that a verification code can be sent as surely I am not the first person to have their phone number updated and changed. Please help.

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