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Something went wrong - Payroll app

SystemSystem Member Posts: 120 Community Manager
This discussion was created from comments split from: Payroll App - Free Basic plan AVAILABLE NOW!.


  • davidzhangdavidzhang Member Posts: 4

    On my iPhone I downloaded the Reckon Payroll App and sign in with the Reckon account, it requested me to confirm with the security CODE sent to my phone number, that was all fine to that stage. But once the code is accepted, program start to load, the error message came: Something Went Wrong (we can't complete your request. Reload the page or log out if the issue persists). But reload came to the same message and logout and log back in are on the same cycle.

    Can anyone explain and provide solutions? Really appreciate if you can help!!!

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,798 Community Manager

    Hi @davidzhang

    Have you previously used or trialed the Reckon Payroll App at stage in the past? For example, did you try out the Reckon Payroll App but then switched back to the free STP app?

    What is the ABN that you're currently using on the free STP app?

  • happyhappy Member Posts: 1

    I have the same problem as David’s.

  • swakhlu01 .swakhlu01 . Member Posts: 286 ✭✭✭

    @happy might be useful if you detail the information Rav (Reckon support) had suggested to David to provide.

  • davidzhangdavidzhang Member Posts: 4

    Hi Rav:

    Our ABN is 50 113 839 820

  • davidzhangdavidzhang Member Posts: 4

    Hi Rav,

    Out ABN is 50 113 839 820. I'm trying MYOB at moment because it is very frustrating to get this through.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,798 Community Manager

    Hi @davidzhang

    There are a couple of things happening here which you need to clarify.

    The first is, I've taken a look at your ABN and I can see that there are two GST branch registrations for it in the STP app.

    • One which is a branch 1 registration which is under what looks to be an email address that you've spelled incorrectly when you first created the account ie. david is spelled as dahid. There are several STP submissions sent under this account.
    • There is also a registration for your ABN with GST branch 50113839820 under what looks to be the CORRECT email address and has only a couple of submissions sent under this.

    So what is the background in regard to that branch 50113839820 registration. Do you have that branch for your ABN in reality? If not, can you recall why it was created and more importantly, why were there submissions sent for it?

    I'm fairly confident that is what is contributing to your problem at the moment. The trouble is, I'm not able to delete that branch 50113839820 registration because there has been submissions sent under it as we're required to retain any submission data.

    The other thing is, are you logging into the Payroll App using the correctly spelled email address?

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