Considering moving from Reckon Accounts Enterprise to Payroll Premier

Janine Dickson
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We currently now only use Reckon Accounts for processing our payroll - We used to use Reckon Accounts fully but several years ago moved to a different ERP system for the rest of our accounting.

I am wondering what would be involved changing to Payroll Premier as it appears to be solely for payroll use and perhaps more cost effective? - We currently pay for 5 users in Reckon Accounts.

Is there a way to move the current payroll data over to payroll premier or would it be a whole new set up of all employees, Payroll items etc thus loss of historical pay data


  • Rav
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    Hi @Janine Dickson

    Unfortunately your Reckon Accounts .qbw file will not transfer over to Payroll Premier directly.

    Have you had a look at Reckon One Payroll? While its the same situation in terms of not being able to transfer your existing file, it is a great option in terms of being more modern than Payroll Premier with the added benefit of cloud capability and also starts from just $8 per month. I'll link it below.

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