Date of final pay for 2020-2021

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Good morning,

We pay our staff weekly on Wednesday for the week ending the following Friday (so 3 days in arrears and 2 in advance).

Our next pay will be in our staff's bank accounts on Wednesday 30 June for the week ending Friday 2 July. From an ATO EOFY point of view, is this pay deemed in to be in the 2020-21 year or 2021-22 year?


  • JPK1969
    JPK1969 Member Posts: 28

    I've discovered the answer on the ATO website. As the payment is made on 30 June, it is included in the 2020-21 financial year.

    My new question is - since I've uploaded an end of year file via STP already, can I now upload another that will replace it?