EOFY Summary Report Not Correct

When i produce the EOFY report the data is not correct. It has been inflated. I have triple checked my monthly reports and they are correct.

I did not start using it until November 2020 when I submitted a report for the 4 months July-Oct. The EOFY report seems to have counted the original data submitted for each employee twice!



  • Joseph Li
    Joseph Li Member Posts: 499 ✭✭

    Looks like July to October 2020 figures have already been included in the initial YTD figures. This means it was not necessary to submit pay runs for the four months.

    You can use a negative update event to eliminate duplicated figures.

  • Ossie
    Ossie Member Posts: 12

    Hello Reckon. I also have clearly incorrect EOFY summary. Do I change it by creating corrections (which will shown negative payments) in my June month, or is there a way to amend the EOFY directly? I would prefer the latter because all the monthly submissions appear correct.