Moving to Payroll App from STP - first payroll run

DCS Member Posts: 2

I've been using the STP app for the last year or so and have been very happy with it.

As with everyone else I have had to move to the Payroll app which is replacing it. I'm now doing our first payroll run (we pay monthly) and the fields required are more complicated than for STP and I am having trouble reconciling what goes where.

In STP all you have to provide is:

Gross $5126

Net $4060

Witholding tax $1066

Super $2000

How do you replicate this in Payroll? I've tried reverse engineering an hourly rate to match the gross and you can manually adjust the withholding tax but I can't replicate this exact result. This could be because I've calculated the tax incorrectly but I wish I could just enter the numbers like in the STP app. Any suggestions?