Incorrect payroll summaries for employees

Hi, I want to submit my EOFY to ATO, but I found out the employees’ pay summary figures are incorrect. How do I edit them before I submit EOFY?


  • swakhlu01 .
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    edited July 2021

    That depends from which App you have been creating the Payruns in 20/21. If these were created within Payroll App (assuming you are using this now) you have a possibility to do another Adjustment payrun to correct the figures.

    But if you have not done any Payruns from Payroll App then you simply have to change the YTD summaries for employees and then submit the EOFY payrun for 20/21. This you can do by selecting Employees from employee list and editing the YTD summaries.

    Keep in mind the reference Year in Payroll app would now be 21/22. So select the correct Year tab when making changes.

    update - please hold back as there is some issue with YTD date change in Payroll App -