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When I get the STP file for one of my companies only 3 employees are coming up.

I am clicking on End of Financial Year but do not want to export this file as there are more employees that should be showing on this file.

Please let me know how to correct this.

Thank you


  • Jo_9722061
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    Only the terminated employees are showing up - this is for the payroll files that were processed 1 July 2021 - I changed the final payroll to 30 June 2021 so that the STP would go through on 1 July but it appears that all these employess who are still employed have been taken off the EOFY STP?

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    I could not export the STP files yesterday and had to change the payroll into one or other of the financial year. I chose to put the pay into last financial year and now the employees that were paid are not showing up on my EOFY STP run

    See note

    "Payroll Premier cannot resolve year to date figures when the dates span across the financial year

    You will need to delete this pay run and set both dates into one or the other financial year."

    I did change one of my smaller pay runs to pay date 1st July  - however the STP has already gone in for the 30th June and now the 30 June STP is larger than the EOFY STP as 30 June includes the final pay of the year.

    I need the final pay run to show on my EOFY STP file?  

    Could you please help - Thank You

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    @Rav I have the same issue 3 employees (subsequently terminated) were missing from the EOFY STP FILE (they were there for the months they worked)

    I've reinstated these individuals by adjusting the YTD, but when I run the STP it comes up with 'REPORT NOT FOUND' X 3 and these employees not appear on list ANY IDEAS???

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    Hi @vittoria

    In the first instance I'd recommend reviewing the information in the help guide linked below -

    If you continue to have trouble after trying the steps in the guide then I'd recommend giving our technical support team a buzz so a technician can take a closer look.

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    I had previously achived data-last yr

    I have now recreated their files -why is it not picking up in the STP?

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    @Rav yesterday spent 2hrs on the phone with technician without success. we restored the version before my archive and reinstated the terminated staff.-didn't work

    today I followed you link above and now instead of 3 records not found I have multiple-so has made it worse.

    I'm going to have to restore file to pre this archive

    I hope the new version allows easier adjustments to STP.

    In the meantime what do I do?