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AlbCmtry Member Posts: 1

I ran my first payroll for 2021/22 and the tax rates have changed for my employees. I have loaded the latest updates and tax tables. I thought the tax scales remained the same for 2021/22. Can anyone please advise what might be happening.



  • Rav
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    Hi @AlbCmtry

    Can you provide some specifics on the pay you are completing and its breakdown along with what you expect the tax rate to be vs what it is in Payroll Premier.

    Screenshots would be extremely helpful, feel free to black out any sensitive info.

  • Peter_8251866
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    We have an employee on weekly payroll, pay total is $1216.00 2020 pays deducted $277.00 in taxes, first pay for 2021 deducts $279.00 for same total.

    ATO calculator suggests is should be $237 with tax-free threshold

    why would system be over calculating

  • Kali
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    Hi Peter,

    Does the employee have a HELP debt or paying voluntary tax?

    I just replicated the above in my system and got the correct $237?


  • Peter_8251866
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    Hi Kali

    thank you

    the employee doesn't have any HELP Debt or paying extra taxes

    your screen looks different to our hosted screen

  • Kali
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    Hi Peter,

    Sorry - I am using the desktop version - Payroll Premier.



  • Fluffnutz
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    I am having the same issue. I am using reckon Online Hosted. All of my employees when running payroll are now having a higher rate of tax withdrawn.

    EG employee 1

    Gross pay $1000, reckon is wanting to deduct $211 tax however according to the ATO calculator the amount should be $162

    The employee has no debts etc.

    I am having this problem for all employees all on coded to 2.TFT