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STP lodgement through Elite Tax

JanakiJanaki Member Posts: 1

I have been using Elite Tax to lodge the STP for a few of my clients. When I lodge the STP, the reports say that the return has been lodged but not processed. In some cases when I go to the ATO portal, it indicates that the STP has been received. In one instance, the STP has not been received and if I try to lodge it is not lodging. Can't figure out where the issue is.

Also for one client I have lodged the final STP and now would like to amend. How do I do this?

Kind regards,



  • Michael LeeMichael Lee Reckon Staff Posts: 38 ✭✭

    Hi Janaki,

    I've created a support case for you for this issue. Your case reference number is CAS-58640.

    Someone from Reckon Elite Support will be in touch soon.

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