Allowance not appearing in Gross on Reckon One STP EOY Report

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Hi - I have an allowance (jobkeeper) that has been paid in every pay to every employee since July 1 to March 31 that has not rolled into Gross YTD (this is from looking at the Single Touch Payroll EOFY report, prior to lodging with GovConnectSTP).

I've checked the Pay Item for the Allowance and it looks correct. It's set to Tax Applicable = Gross Payments and the checkbox is ticked to 'show as allowance on STP and payment summary'.

I've checked random (not all, there have been 127 iterations over many pay runs) pay runs, when I click on that last box to show the details of the Taxable Gross Earnings - it definitely shows the sum of the earnings plus value of the allowance.

I can't submit the STP EOY report via GovConnect - I have employees who look to have paid more tax than earnings!

It's an understatement that I'm in urgent need of assistance - I only started the job in May, and now this!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Further to my query above, I've just logged on the GovConnectSTP to look at the uploaded files - and everything looks fine there too - the earnings and allowance are shown, but it summarises into Gross for the value of the pay run.