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No Company Open - not showing current company list / locations

BronwynBronwyn Member Posts: 14

Hello ... Reckon Hosted ...

We have 2x company files located in 'shared' folders in Reckon Hosted. This means we go to Q drive, then access the company files via 'shortcuts' (see image 1).

This seems to affect the presentation of the last opened companies on the No Company Open window when we log into Reckon Hosted. see image 2.

I have been through the process within the company file to manage/set the number of previous companies from under the File menu - see image 3. These are remaining as the current 2x company files with the correct locations.

But the No Company Open is defaulting to an older location and older file version. I do not know how to get that screen to list the same previous companies and the correct file locations. When I close / log out of Reckon Hosted, it does not consistently (let alone always) return the current list of the last files opened.

As an example, the image 2 company pointed at with arrows, has not been opened for a month, and yet today, it is still the one appearing in this No Company Open list.

Can someone please provide instructions on how to have the No Company Open (image 2) screen update with the correct number of files (2x) AND those files to have be the correct last 2x files opened by my user.

I shouldn't need to go through the process of using the Open or restore an existing company button each time I login.

Thanks :)

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