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Pay run stuck as paid

RKrenselRKrensel Member Posts: 4


I have 52 payruns of which 51 have been submitted to the ATO. However, one is stuck in paid and will not submit even after making the declaration.

Even more strange is that for the past several days random pay runs have gone from being submitted to the ATO ('done') to 'paid' status, including the one that is currently stuck.

How do I solve this? Is this a bug?



  • RKrenselRKrensel Member Posts: 4

    Hi, any help on this would be appreciated. The account having this issue is under [email protected]



  • RKrenselRKrensel Member Posts: 4

    Hi, any help on this would be appreciated. I am experiencing this bug on the account [email protected]

  • RKrenselRKrensel Member Posts: 4


    I have now paid for the premium version of the software. A technician told me that I had actually made multiple submissions of the same pay runs to the ATO. I did this because the pay runs had 'paid' status and so were still prompting me to submit to the ATO. Now I am in a situation where because the software would not update, I have now made multiple submissions to the ATO for the same pay runs which are probably doubling up.

    I still have no explanation from Reckon as to why random pay runs transition from 'done' to 'paid' and why it is possible for me to submit the same payrun to the ATO multiple times.

    This is a failing on Reckon, and am I being told to go to the ATO myself.

    Crappy situation all around

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,749 Community Manager


    Single Touch Payroll is reported on a Year to Date (YTD) basis only so any 'additional' submissions you've sent won't double up if they're the same.

    In terms of the pay runs that you've found have switched from 'Done' status to 'Paid' go into the STP tab and confirm if those submissions have been successfully processed or if they show an Error status.

    Are these submissions that have migrated from the STP app OR are they pay runs that you created in the Payroll App itself?

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