Payment frequency categories - too few for Closely Held Payees

In reference to the small number of payment frequency categories (Weekly, fortnightly and monthly) as listed in the Payroll App, I realise this may be based on ATO requirements. However it has been decided, it does not seem practical from the point of view of a Closely Held Payee. The fact alone that this term has been created indicates the understanding that small companies can and do run a little differently to the regularly-greased wheels of larger establishments.

Weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment entries do not necessarily sit well with the flexibility a Closely Held Payee has/needs for wage payment. For example, a single person running a company as a "hobby" may only be able to decide what wage to draw towards the end of the FY. Till that time, regular wage payments would be ill-advised, or so meagre as to not be worth the repeated time involved in making the payrun, and/or the $0 payruns in between.

Surely in this box-ticking age, suitable categories to be added could be "Quarterly" or "Other/Less Frequent" ( e.g. last 2 months of the FY). Monthly Tax rates sheets would be applicable for either.

Thanks for any feedback,