Pay dates incorrect of pay slips

Meagan_10242246 Member Posts: 5

Hi , pay dates on pays slips and reports are all incorrect after the 2021/22 upgrade. Have called Reckon and have reckon advantage membership several times and yet they still cant fix the problem either . So frustrating pay all this money for package and support and nothing is happening.


  • Rav
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    What have our tech support team advised so far Meagan?

    Where are things at currently? ie. is the issue still being investigated, have they asked you for further info/troubleshooting etc?

    Can you let me know the case or incident number to your call to the team.

  • Meagan_10242246
    Meagan_10242246 Member Posts: 5

    Hi Rav,

    Spoke to team member ( there was a a language barrier) he logged in tried to rebuild data then he did not want to wait , advised me if it didn't work gave me instructions to do again. He said he would call back in an hour to check if it worked . Still waiting for his call.

  • Meagan_10242246
    Meagan_10242246 Member Posts: 5

    Hi Rav,

    Our issue here with the pay dates has still not been fixed as I have had promised calls to call me back and no -one has several attempts for someone to contact me and resolve the issue .

    Would like if someone could call me and help resolve the problem.

  • Glenda_10862049
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    I am having the same problem.

    I rang and spoke to someone on the help line and they talked me through rebuilding the data files. That worked BUT only for one pay run the following two pay runs have the wrong dates.

    My pay slips say the date paid is the 14/09/21 and the pay period end is 15/09/21 when it is the other way around. Yet when going through the dates within the pay run everything reads correctly.

    This needs to be addressed as we all need expenses to be reflected in the correct month. Currently looking at other payroll systems.