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Reckon Elite D4 Worksheet - When will an update fix this

FranOrange Member Posts: 8
edited October 2021 in Reckon Elite

We have been waiting all season for an update to fix the D4 worksheet so it is readable.

This is quite unacceptable, now in October and it is still occurring.

Only 3 line entries make it all gibberish as the columns are all askew (You can only make out 2 of the entered lines)

And it is only worse the more lines entered.

Can this please be fixed ASAP?

Example of what the worksheet looks like.

I have entered 3 lines at D4, but you can only (just) make out two of them. (As you can see 6000+500 does not equal $7500 - line 3 is missing from the worksheet)


  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee Alumni Posts: 54 Reckon Staff


    Thanks for raising this issue. Elite Development will be reviewing it this week. Once I have any update I'll post it here.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee Alumni Posts: 54 Reckon Staff

    Hi. Elite Development has confirmed the issue and has raised a job for correction. Keep an eye out for a fix under reference RE-994 in future release notes.