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Hi, I am migrating from the STP app. I cannot get the migrate data option to appear when signing into the new Reckon Payroll App. I have read all the FAQ'S etc. Can an admin please troubleshoot? I am using the same email address I logged in to the STP app and here with. ABN is 67 115 376 013.


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    @AEB As you may have noticed in the FAQ's - reason you won't get the option to migrate data from STP could be you trialled it previously but continued to use STP until now. If that is the case, best to check what data already exists in the Payroll app and then update using Company and Employee settings to what these should be per the STP app. This might create limitations if you wish to adjust any Payruns in future. So make sure all Payruns in STP are showing success and the YTD FY data is correct for the employees.

    But first check if the migrate data menu function is not hidden by the settings on your phone. This means you have zoom feature in Display settings. Exit the App, check Display setting is in default. Then run the App again.

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    @swakhlu01 . Thanks for your feedback. I've checked the zoom feature is the default, and I don't think I have ever trialled the app (I had to go through a 6-hour IOS upgrade on my phone to even download the new app - very slow internet where I am!) Hopefully, an admin can pick my query up soon and clarify from the backend.🤷

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    @AEB Based on your what you have described I am slightly unsure about your experience. Are you not seeing the screen as mentiond in the Reckon help page -


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    Hi @AEB

    Are you signing into the Payroll App using the same email address & password combination that you use for your old STP app account? If not, can you please ensure you're signing in with login credentials of that existing account.

    Secondly, is it a case of the actual option to migrate not appearing OR is it stating that your ABN is already registered? The reason I ask that is I noticed your ABN was registered to our GovConnect back in 2020 which I've gone ahead and removed. If you close the Payroll App down in full ie. swipe it away from any other running apps on your phone then reopen it and sign-in, does it allow you proceed with migration this time?

    If not, please take a screenshot of what appears on-screen and post it here.

    Let me know how you get on.


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