How to Redo the Migration after Previously doing it

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Hi All,

Thank you in advance for your responses. I jumped the gun when the new payroll app was released. I downloaded it and instantly migrated all my history and info from the STP App straight across. Finding it too difficult to get my head around the new Payroll App I then decided to go back to the STP App and complete the 20/21 year which it allowed me to do. Now however the STP App has been completely retired and I have updated info within it. My question is can I migrate once again from the STP app to the the new Payroll App considering I have already once migrated? Note that the info in the Payroll app is now all incorrect. Or can I just wipe the Payroll app clean and start fresh from the current financial year? How do I do this?

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    @Kayzak I am doubtful if you can migrate data across once more from STP. However, an easier option might be to go through the Payroll app settings like company and employee details and Initial YTD data and bring it up to date from the 2020-21 figures in STP.

    As long as the Software ID and login ID details are same it should work ok (depending on how many employees of course).

    To make it easier use the web browser view of Payroll app to check what is already there and what needs to be updated.


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