GST summary and Activity statement (BAS) figures do not match

Heids Member Posts: 10

To prepare the BAS for July-Sept, I've run GST summary and Tax code transactions reports to get my figures for GST on sales and GST on purchases.

I've used these figures to lodge the BAS with the ATO. Now, going back into Reckon One to process the lodgment, it has pulled in a different amount for 1A. "Goods and services tax payable" is $1 more than stated on my previous reports. (I imagine this has happened as a result of rounding figures on some reports and not others - surely it should be consistent?)

I can't see a way of overriding this amount so it matches my reports.

Do I have to lodge a revision with the ATO for this, or is there a way of sorting it out within Reckon One?