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Unable to resize columns on invoice or other templates in Reckon Accounts Hosted

Stuart GrossStuart Gross Member Posts: 3
edited January 11 in Accounts Hosted

This is VERY frustrating!! Old discussions from 2 years ago show this problem still exists and disabling the touch screen does NOT make a difference regardless of what the Reckon KB says.

Yes you can click on a box and then move it using the arrow keys but no amount of dragging/resizing etc will change the size of the damn text boxes, columns etc!!

Someone must have the answer - PLEASE!!


  • ReckonDataRecoveryReckonDataRecovery Reckon Staff Posts: 38

    Hi Stuart,

    Which specific discussions or KB are you referring to?

    Perhaps provide a link to that discussion page and the KB article you are referring to as

    Consider providing a step-by-step description and some screenshots of the process you are attempting to follow and which "damn text boxes, columns" you are trying to re-size.

    This would help other community members from recognising the issue you are describing and perhaps remember a possible solution or workaround.

    Are you referring to the "Layout Designer"?

  • Stuart GrossStuart Gross Member Posts: 3

    Here's a few examples:


    The discussion from Feb 2019 was on here:

    The solution (apparently) is to disable your touch screen by turning off the HID in Dev Mgr, change your text box sizes which should now work with your mouse and then turn HID back on, reboot and carry on with life.


    Sep20 a similar problem:

    It's due to a touch screen. Have a read on the following link to see how to sort it out.


    Also discussed in:

    Legacy KB ID: 5677


    I’m unable to resize my window screen or column width on my reports and/or any invoice or other transaction templates. How can I fix it?

    Applies to:

    Reckon Accounts Hosted in touch screen enabled devices only. (01/07/2018)


    August 2018 edited September 2019

    Hi All,

    I'm using Reckon Accounts Hosted 2018 R2 . I created a copy of our Tax Invoice, and renamed it Overdue Tax Invoice. Now, I want to place a text box, with the word Overdue. I can do that ok, but when I try to resize the text box by dragging the handles, I cant grab them. They wont drag it open wider. Any help appreciated.


    So yes its not a new issue and yes its within the Layout Designer. I am using a mouse, or trying to, to adjust text boxes columns, etc, on my Invoice that got mis-shaped in the transfer from Quickbooks to Reckon Hosted. Only you guys would know WHY the boxes changed size, the GST box vanished and my logo also disappeared?

    But anyway its the only template I use and it looked very unprofessional. I use a larger screen to work on and my Surface Laptop 2 (with touch screen) is unused but obviously close by. I cannot adjust any boxes in size, location yes, size no. Turning off the HID made no difference and in the end I called my accountant and as he does not have a touch screen PC he logged in and made minor adjustments for me as his mouse worked fine.

    So now that Covid19 has given me time to look back at it and want to adjust the invoice the way I want it to look, I cant do it myself. Essentially, this fault appears to have been around since Aug 2018, I originally complained on here about it approx June 2020 but cannot find that discussion sadly.

  • Eric MurphyEric Murphy Member Posts: 135 ✭✭

    Like you I have had a fair bit of time to make some changes that I've been putting off however resizing and redesigning has worked flawlessly in my case so I don't believe this is a system wide issue.

    Perhaps it's your browser, or input device or something along those lines. Perhaps your template is corrupt.. could be a whole range of things. Might be worth speaking to their tech support

  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 2,135 ✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried using a different browser - perhaps Firefox or Edge

  • Stuart GrossStuart Gross Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for commenting above. So far:

    1. I used my very old 2010 Asus laptop running Chrome and another mouse and it worked. I updated every box I wanted to move. Happy as! Job done without going over to my Accountants house!!
    2. Tried the same on my usual setup using FF and it also works...............!
    3. Staying with Chrome it still doesn't so now I am wiser and happier but no less intrigued why it wont work in Chrome. Every other component from the Surface Laptop 2 and the mouse works fine in FF but not Chrome. On my old 2010 laptop its fine..

    Go figure!

    Hope that's useful to someone out there at least

  • ReckonDataRecoveryReckonDataRecovery Reckon Staff Posts: 38

    Hi Stuart,

    Glad to hear you have found a workaround that has enabled you to achieve the required result.

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