Importing iBank QIF into Reckon Accounts and Missing Transactions


Hi Reckon Community,

I am new to Reckon Accounts Personal and am trying to migrate my history from iBank to RA with a QIF.

  • I exported a single QIF containing all transactions for all accounts from iBank and then imported it into RA.
  • The accounts were set up correctly in RA
  • The Categories were set up correctly in RA
  • Transfers between accounts seem to have been recognised correctly in RA.
  • Split transactions seem to have imported correctly in RA.

Many accounts have got the correct closing balance however some are not correct and I have identified that an occasional transaction has not been imported or at least it's not in the right place and I don't know where it is.

I have a lot of history that I want to migrate across and don't want to use brute force reconciling month by month to find the missing transactions.

I'm hoping for some advice on things to look for or correct.