How do I find the installation key ?

I kept on having multiple problems with my annual licence product. It was recommended that I uninstall the program and reinstall from scratch. I've done this and its now asking for an install key. The account doesn't have one listed beside on the annual renewal site (even for the last few years) - I'm assuming that is what the IKC stands for. Please help. I can't move forward without it.


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    Once you have uninstalled any previous versions of H&B download 2022 from your members site which is where you will find the Installation Key as well, simply run the download and all shoukld be ok, call me if you want a hand.

    SMS me your pin from your Reckon account and i will check to see what there. 0418907140

    Gerry 0418907140 

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    Thanks. I did log into the members site and it said there was nothing for me to download? It clearly has all my purchases on there. I've sms'd you my pin from the account