Error code 14528 16664 when trying to print previewed payslips

Rosie Member Posts: 113 ✭✭

Good morning,

We have just installed the 2022 Reckon Desktop update and now we are finding that when previewing payslips then trying to print them to PDF we are getting the following error code: 14528 16664.

Then it says Reckon has experienced a problem and must be shut down.

I think I have found the reason - that reckon is automatically selecting the Reckon PDF COnverter to print from which is not what we use for PDF. It used to default to Adobe PDF when we would preview payslips and then click Print.

Can someone please advise how to change this is Reckon as the printer settings I am finding in Reckon show our physical printer as the default, not the Reckon Converter.

Thankyou, Rosie