Need help with Reckon accounts Enterprise 2021

Jigar Member Posts: 3

We are buying a plumbing business that uses Reckon Accounts Enterprise Retain Edition 2021 with over 3000 items.

We will be using the same software. I have imported customer and supplier lists etc and need help with the item list.

We are buying most of those items after the stock take. The stock take will require on hand qty, item type and coast price to be updated on most items.


1)     Is there a way where I can export the item list from old business company file to excel, update the on hand qty, item type and coast price before I import in new company? I want to make sure that when the new company sells the products the purchase price makes the coast base for products sold.  

I am trying to avoid importing the item list with 0 on hand qty and make an enter bill for each item.

Any help / suggestions are greatly apricated.