New financial year 22/23, after rollover from 21/22.

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Hi Rav, I have finished EOFY 21/22 and exported everything to the ATO. Commencing new financial year on Payroll Premier 22/23, after upgrading. First pay 6/7, pays went well, no problems, but exporting file to STP of the initial pay, I found a problem, and I cannot find anything to explain to me what I may have done incorrectly.

The STP numbering does it continue following the numbers from the previous year. e.g. last year last pay was 194, so does it continue to follow on as 195?

Also do I have to close off the STP Pays 21 and start a new series? STP Pays 22?

Should I be starting C://QPROLLV31 and then submitting the New STPs under that heading?

I hope that you re able to understand my queries?