Itemised Categories Report returning nett not gross values


Hi There Reckon people

I am trying to do my year end reports from Home & Business 2022, where I run personal accounts and business accounts. In the business account I track and record GST using NCG tax code. If it is not a business expense i don't assign a tax code in the transaction split.

I want to list all (both personal and business) transactions by Category in a report (which is a standard report). However the value that comes thru in the report is the nett of tax value rather than the gross where a tax code is included in the transaction. This is not what I need as to correctly work out profit and loss I need gross expenses, not nett.

Why does the report only provide nett values?

Is there a toggle switch somewhere to report gross values?

Is there an error in the program I am using and should i reload the software?

Any assistance will be appreciated.........