How to remove a timesheet that has been paid from a payrun

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We are processing payroll of casual employee based on the time they record in reckon timesheet. This is done on a weekly basis. some times we have to run payroll twice for the same time period because of the delay in submitting timesheet by some employees.

In the second pay run for the same period, the system picks up time data of the employees who have already been paid in the previous pay run. I have to then manually remove all employees who have been already paid.

Is there a way where i can automatically remove all timesheets that have been already paid?



  • Rav
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    Hi @rahulkumar

    If multiple timesheets with the same entries are found for the employee in the pay period, they will be consolidated before being added to the employees pay run.

    If there is a difference (such as for example one timesheet is linked to a customer and one is not) they will not be consolidated.

    Example 1: If an employee has a timesheet with 32 hours Ordinary and a second timesheet in the pay period for 40 hours Ordinary, the pay run will appear with the Ordinary having a Qty of 72.

    Example 2: If an employee has a timesheet with 32 hours Ordinary linked to customer Bob Smith and a second timesheet in the pay period with 30 hours Ordinary. The pay run will have two lines. One for Ordinary 32 hours linked to the customer Bob Smith and a second line with a Qty of 30 and no customer link.

    I don't believe there is a way to automatically remove a timesheet for the same period. Does occur for you on a regular basis or is it more infrequent?

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