Reckon Elite Update

A few weeks ago, Reckon Elite software has indicated to us there is an upgrade for several modules.

PM to

and a multitude of Tax Modules, however we have never received an email with the release notes. I have also checked the webpage for Reckon Elite updates, and this has not be updated since the 22 July update. (PM

Are the release notes for these update coming out? I do not want to update the software until I can tell what they are fixing.


  • cosmic
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    If you dont want to update , i dont think you need to update .

    We use RElite, as well.

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  • FranOrange
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    It is not about wanting to update or not, it is about what you are updating and what it is trying to fix.

    Release note SHOULD be released if you are releasing a patch or update.

  • Rav
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    Hi @FranOrange

    The Reckon Elite software has moved over to the Access Group as part of the acquisition of the Reckon Accountants Group by Access (info here). In relation to your query, I'd recommend giving the Elite team a call on 1300 306 561 and they'll be able to confirm the details of the update for you.