3 questions - Support, Super Contribution types, Super on Annual Leave Loading

Sandra Member Posts: 7
  1. Does anyone else get frustrated with the phone support - struggle with their lack of understanding English and Australian Payroll and Taxation and Super laws and how to implement them into payroll premier. Has anyone found someone you can call?
  2. I cannot find the list of Super Contribution types - in each employee under the super tab the field so so small that you cannot read all of the text. I need to pay Super that is addional to the SG that is not employee choice so I need to make sure it doesn't go into RESC - I've tried the 'employer additional' code but it goes into RESC which is wrong according to the TaxWide Specialists.
  3. Also if had mixed information about Super on Leave Loading - as its compulsory then its not RESC so why is that going into RESC?

Is there anyone from Payroll Premier who understands what I am asking that can call me and explain. I'm looking into alternative software. I'm so tired of struggling to get answers. Any recommendations for alternative software out there. Call me on 07 4972 3688 Sandra


  • Kali
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    100% - the phone support can be really really frustrating. Never confident with the support I receive or the software. I am constantly doing backups because I never know when the file will next corrupt.