Reckon Payroll Mobile App - what's the point??

Kerri Member Posts: 11

I was excited to find your payroll app, presumably meaning that I could do my payruns "on the fly".

I noticed that I needed an email login, not a Google login, so I revoked SSO, and set up email - logged in only to be told by the app that I can't actually access my existing payroll?!! Then what's the point!??

Am I missing something here???

Is there something I need to do online to make my EXISTING books available to the app?? This seems to just make NO SENSE!!

**Incredibly frustrated!!**



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 13,707 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi Kerri,

    The Reckon Payroll App is one of our next-gen products however it is a standalone product ie. separate to Reckon One (and other Reckon software) which I'm assume you're currently using. Due to that, it won't link or access your Reckon One book at this stage.

    There are certainly plans in the roadmap for the Payroll App to be able to link with Reckon One however I can't speculate on timeframes at the moment as its a little way off at the moment.

    Just as a side note, if you currently use Reckon One to create, send invoices etc then you might want to check out the newly released Reckon Invoices App. This app does link and sync with your Reckon One book and allows you to create, manage, and send invoices from your mobile. More info below -