Rounding Up Incorrectly in Accounts Plus 2022

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Wondering if anyone has a solution

I am finding that when I am processing invoices at times the amounts are rounded up incorrectly. This happens only when I want a percentage of the full price ( eg 0.5) If I correct this manually it will change the the PRICE column often increasing the amount or changing price to 193.99333 instead of 193.99. This only seems to happen when I want 0.5 of an amount.

I need to send invoices out with the correct price amount and cannot send them out with these weird or incorrect Price amounts.

I have tried to correct this also by going into the CUSTOMERS > Change Item Number>find appropriate line item then change the rounding to 0.5 instead of the No Rounding. All this does is change the amount and list a new price in the " New Price" line.

I have called tech support which took me through above process and couldn't help.

Am wondering if anyone has a solution or suggestion?

I have no accounting background, so would appreciate any assistance or suggestions to what I am doing incorrectly or how to fix this.

Thanks in advance.