Copy/Paste Investment Account Transactions Incorrectly Replaces Original Copied Transaction

slevis Member Posts: 1

It does not happen in all scenarios and only in investment accounts but there are times when I may want to create a new transaction that is very similar to an earlier transaction. Normally I would Copy Transaction, Paste Transaction onto a new entry in the transaction listing and the adjust the pasted transaction as required (date or amount or description). In certain scenarios this results in the original (copied transaction) from disappearing (presumably replaced by the pasted transaction). BTW as I write this, I have not tested whether in this situation a Cut/Paste Transaction does the copy but I have tried it - indeed it is not that the cut and copy functionality are reversed but as I currently see it the copy is implemented incorrectly as a cut.

I am happy to provide more details and some reproducible scenarios if Reckon will actually fix this issue.

Today I contacted support to finally report this issue but was advised that there is no tech support for Personal Plus and I should use this forum to post/discuss any faults I had experienced. So that is what I am doing.

I am a long-standing user of Personal Plus and have noted this issue for many years but simply worked around it due to the time and effort I felt it would take to report and get a resolution.