Attempting to upgrade to premium plan

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  • Colin_10865364
    Colin_10865364 Member Posts: 2

    Hi Rav,

    I have made several attempts to do in-app upgrade of Payroll App Basic on my Android smartphone to Premium, but all failed having done numerous times of 'reload' or 'log out' then log in. Your helpdesk emailed me after a week's waiting and asked me to "ensure that in your Apple App Store that you have signed in with your Apple ID properly", which does not help at all.

    Could you please help me out?


  • faigey
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    Hi Rav and Colin,

    I also have had similar experience to Colin.

    I have made several attempts to do in-app upgrade of Payroll App Basic on my IPHONE to Premium, but all failed having done numerous times of 'reload' or 'log out' then log in.

    I have two IPHONES and have tried it out on each with no success.

    I phoned Reckons on three separate occasions.

    The response after the first phone conversation was as follows " try resetting the password after going to the forgot password icon" . -DOES NOT WORK. I was also advised because I am on the basic plan - then I cannot phone for technical assistance - simply go on to the Reckon Community Chat line.

    Notwithstanding I tried again to phone for advice and this time was told to place the Iphone in "Aeroplane Mode". Switch off the Iphone. Switch on the Iphone. Take it off "Aeroplane Mode". - DOES NOT WORK.

    After the third phone call -Reckons technical assistance tried resetting MFA - STILL DOES NOT WORK.

    Now I am in a situation where I can no longer login at all to the Payroll App Basic.

    I need to process a pay run and am stuck.

    Very frustrating.

    I also am asking for assistance.

  • faigey
    faigey Member Posts: 37

    Hi Rav and Colin.

    Latest development is now as follows.

    When I try logging into the basic app. I get a message "Please update to latest version 6.0.56"

    I do this and then get a message

    (1) enter mobile number

    (2) enter the 6-digit code which allegedly is sent to the mobile number provided

    (3) No 6 digit code is received.

    (4) I then hit "No code received"

    (5) I then get a message to phone 1300756663

    Before I attempted the update the basic app was working quite well.

    However, since trying to update -I cannot log in to the basic app at all. I am going around in circles and would really appreciate getting it up and running - even the version prior to the Premium one .


  • faigey
    faigey Member Posts: 37

    Good news .

    I have been able to log in.

    I have two iphones and I get the six digit code if I provide the phone mobile number of my second iphone .

    This was not the case prior to me attempting an upgrade of Payroll App Basic on my first IPHONE to Premium.

    So the issue of processing a pay run is no longer a problem.

    However, it seems to me there is indeed a hickup/problem when attempting an upgrade to Premium.

    I will await any further news/developments on appropriate procedures when attempting an upgrade.

  • Rav
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    Hi Colin,

    Sorry to hear you've been having some trouble in getting upgraded.

    What the support team were alluding to is correct and is part of troubleshooting the problem. There have been a number of instances where folks are no longer signed into their Apple App Store or Google Play Store which causes a break in the upgrade process since the checkout process goes through the respective app store.

    If you've already checked this and are indeed signed into your app store account, the next thing I'd suggest is ensuring that you have a valid payment method eg. credit card, Paypal etc etc loaded to your app store account.

    Finally, please ensure that you are on the latest version of the app, the current version is 6.0.97.

    If all of the above is ok and you're still having trouble upgrading, can you please shoot me the ABN that you've registered to your Payroll App account and also let me know the version you're using eg. Android/iOS along with your phone model you're using the app on. If you have a screenshot of the error message you're encountering when attempting to upgrade that would be handy as well.

  • Colin_10865364
    Colin_10865364 Member Posts: 2

    Much appreciated Rav for your detailed guide. I will try out all the above and go from there.